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FIP is a rare mutations that in occurs in cats.  The development of FIP comes from another virus known as the Feline Coronavirus.  The feline coronavirus is very common and isn't considered sick if a cat has it.  It lives in 80-90% of households with more then 1 cat. 

fip 1.PNG

But unfortunately about 5%-10% of cats with feline coronavirus would develop FIP.   FIP itself is not contagious.  It has no vaccines, no treatment and no accurate testings until late stages.  

The symptom that most commonly recognized for FIP is an inflated belly with fluids that develops very quickly in a short time.   Sadly FIP is almost always fatal. 

What determines which cat would develop FIP?   The biggest contributing factor is a weakened immune system.  Young kittens are at biggest risk as they have less vaccines, developing immune system and more sensitive to infections.  Thus why when taking a kitten home you must be very cautious and minimize all risks of exposing kitten to viruses and stress.  

For a more in depth read you may visit: 

We as Adorable Stars cannot guarantee or prevent the development of FIP nor hold responbility for it.  

We do offer additional protections against unpreventable sicknesses such as FIP as an option. 

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