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Each buyer must ask their self the questions:

Where can I successfully acquire a pet?

Which breeder is the most reliable?

How can I recognize a trustworthy breeder?


We do not want to advertise anyone. We are only trying to educate customers by analyzing and explaining to customers the situation in the pet sales market.


1.   Many advertised kittens are brought from across the ocean. These are often beautiful kittens. However, a long flight never positively affects the health of the pet. It is also not uncommon that you will not get the exact animal which you chose from their beautiful photos. Lastly, you will have to pay the full cost before the pet begins its journey from another continent to you.  If some kittens are in the US already, seller then may arrange Facetime.  But they never can show Facetime another moms with babies to assure "your" kitten is born here - not across the ocean. 

2.   It’s not worth talking a lot about scams. They put low prices and show beautiful photos. Even our photos from our website have been stolen and used. Of course, they have no evidence of the of animals even being in their possession.


3.   There are real breeders in the USA. They are easy to recognize. They are open to visitors. Through Facetime they can show all available pets and other moms with newborn baby kittens. Their website and social networks show in detail the pets life, as well as the nursery with moms and babies. There are live-streams where people can watch kittens every day. Overall, the less secrets, the more reliable the breeder. A good breeder-seller is also required to the follow state's Lemon Law.


4.   What guarantees are possible to get from breeders? Different states have different laws. Some do not even require a health certificate. We are sure that every breeder is doing their best to produce beautiful and healthy offspring. What breeder would want to have problems with the buyer and the law? This would not be good for a successful business. It should be noted that no breeder would work without compensation for their hard work and dedication. Pets, especially young ones, can develop health issues just like human children. No amount of money can guarantee that nothing will ever happen to the pet. That is why different breeders have their own professional agreements for buyers, which define all the points of possible disputes. When a buyer signs an agreement, this means they have agreed to the terms, after which they must fully comply with this agreement.


We are open and honest. Therefore, we present here the agreements of other reputable US breeders that are available on their websites. You, dear buyers, may choose any contract shown with the conditions that you like and our company will work with you based on the chosen agreement  (You will still be a customer of Adorable Stars, but we can use the term and rules from other agreements). 

Contracts to Choose From:

Default Contract From Adorable Stars: 

1)   Contract

Contracts from other breeders to select from:





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