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One kitten stayed in Florida with Marie and the other flew to her son in New York 

Yuanmeng from CA bought at first a Lilac Teddy bear.  He was happy - his friends also wanted a kitten like that.  

Like result I shipped to him 3 times (3 kittens).  

Gina looked at all kittens by Face time and choose them both, which flew to WA.

Most beautiful boy Goldik lives now in Boco Raton, Florida.

                            Zack - huge animal lover!

Paulette from Puerto Rico wrote:  "And she's even more beautiful in reality! I love her!!!"

                     Kitten flew easily and comfortably on United Cargo. 

Becky personally seen the kittens when they were just babies.  Looked at all, choose 2 kittens, reserved and waited till they grew.  

Patricia from Mexico came to us with family to buy a kitten.  All kittens were different and very adorable that they couldn't choose.  Eventually they choose 3 kittens instead of 1.  After several months, she came back to choose an orange kitten for her mother.  

Luna lives in Miami and is very spoiled!  

Amanda come and quickly choose most adorable baby from litter.  I'm even jealous of how beautiful my blue eyed baby grew!  

This blue Teddy Bear now lives far away in  Ecuador

Lynn purchased my kitten and explained why: 

"I choose this breed of cats because I had read that they enjoy dogs and children :) " 

This baby kittens was a secret Christmas gift for the small girl - She is happy!

Her sons who are student in Orlando came to visit and choose adorable Teddy Bear.  

Kay - big cat lover!  She came originally to buy 2 marble kittens.  

But she couldn't stop when seeing all the so adorable kittens.

Like result she purchased 3 kittens!

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